Colonel John Jones Maesygarnedd

Colonel John Jones (c. 1597-October 17, 1660), was a Welsh military leader, politician and one of the regicides of King Charles I. A brother-in-law of Oliver Cromwell, Jones was born at Llanbedr in North Wales and is often surnamed Jones Maesygarnedd after the location of his Merionethshire estate. Jones spoke Welsh with his family. He was an avid Republican at a time when most of Wales was Royalist, and for this reason he was described by one of his contemporaries as “‘the most hated man in North Wales”.

   Jones was appointed Commissioner of the High Court of Justice in 1649, as a
member of which he became one of the fifty-nine signatories to King Charles I’s
death warrant. Like many of the others who signed, he was in grave danger when
Charles II of England was restored to the throne. He was arrested, put on trial,
and found guilty of regicide. On October 17, 1660, Jones was hanged, drawn and
quartered a fate which, according to some accounts, he faced with immense

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