Mischief, ‘orrible Goings on, Princes and Kings


A “Horrible Histories” walking tour of Conwy lasting approximately 90 mins and based on the CBBC tv programme which kids love! We start with a climb and walk along the medieval town walls. Arriving at the harbour, we’ll see the smallest house in Britain and hear about the fisherman 6ft 2” tall who lived there (he must have had a permanent stoop!) We walk along the harbour to the forbidding 14th century medieval castle – place of jesters, loads of money, unhealthy eating, horrible punishments and downright skulduggery! We finish the tour learning our very own Welsh Princes (far superior to the English ones!) and the highwaymen who paid the price with their life if they dared to hold up the royal mailcoach.

Lots of fun for kids and adults alike.